An Italian affair

I think it’s pretty clear form my post about lake como that I love Italy. I love it for the endless mountains that stretch for miles, for the beautiful lakes with crystal clear water, for the turquoise sea, for the blue skies and lush vegetation and for the delicious food:)
Liguria is very special to me because it has everything I need for a happy holidays, be it a weekend break or three week escapade.
Everyone can easily find something to do there: from mountain biking and hiking, to coastal walks and paddle boarding. And the best part? You really don’t need a car to see it all. The train service is fantastic and you can easily buy ticket online and just save it on your phone. As much hassle free as it can get.
Arenzano it’s a small coastal town with only about 12 000 citizens. That number grows obviously in summer when tourists from all over are coming to enjoy this scenic town.
The main hikers attraction is of course Monte Reixa standing at 1183m (3880 feet).
However if you simply fancy being closer to the sea but still get some decent walk, Arenzano is the perfect place.
The coastal walk I did is about 12km (7.5miles) long. The path it’s levelled which means is wheelchair/buggy accessible. The walk starts just off Piazza della Veccia Ferrovia parking.
Part of the path is following an old track of an ancient railway.

It can get super busy on weekends with not only pedestrians but also cyclists. Even tho I did it on Sunday it wasn’t too crowded.
When In Arenzano you may want to pay a visit to the stunning Villa Negrotto Cambiasso-muncipo in Parco Comunale di Arenzano.

Another lovely place to visit is Santuario Gesu Bambino di Praga.

Since the sanctuary is based on a little hill, you can easily see the panorama of the city from the terrace.
To enjoy the scenery during the walk you really do need a sunny day but if you like walking in any weather, then I think this path is perfect.

WARNING: when I was there back in January, part of this path was closed due to damaged tarmac. From Arenzano to San Giacomo the path is perfect but after that you will encounter gates blocking the entrance to the rest of the path. Locals did made some holes through which you can squeeze yourself in but you may be caught by a security.

The tunnels are well lit but very damp. The floor can be slippery and full of paddles so wear appropriate shoes.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take a break and have a meal or ice cream as you are never too far away from shops/cafes.
Varazze it’s a big town with a sea promenade and a fun fair. Not sure if the fair was seasonal or it’s a whole year deal. You can find some rides there as well as plenty of food stalls. It’s a rather noisy place and the busiest on the whole path. If you are planning to do this walk as a family you may want to start at Arenzano:) if you doing the walk alone or in a small company and simply don’t fancy crowds and loud music, then make Varazze the start of your walk with finish in Arenzano:) it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. There are also plenty of beaches so you can easily turn it into a full day adventure with a swim and a picnic.

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