Holiday inspiration: Corfu

Yes, the water is crystal clear.

Still looking for holiday inspiration? Can’t decide between lazy beach or active holidays? Corfu may help you balance both.

Corfu harbour

Number 1: Public transport

How to get there? Despite being a small island Corfu airport is fairly busy with flights all week. Alternatively you can fly to mainland Greece or Albania and hop on on a ferry.

Travelling within the island.

Best way would be to rent a scooter but that’s not practical if you travel as a family or a group. Local transport connects most popular destinations on the island but it is not that frequent. There are two bus stations: Green bus station and Central bus station. I could not find an online bus schedule but you can pick one from the Green bus station. You can also pick up a time table from tourist information office. Even during high season I didn’t feel like I have to book in advance but some routes may be more popular and busier than others. When riding a coach you will be asked to put even a small backpack in the luggage department.

Number 2: Taxis

There are taxi stands in most towns but in high season you may need to wait for up to an hour. Bear that in mind when leaving for the airport. Taxis will have meters inside or you agree on the fare beforehand. Make sure you have a cash.

Number 3: ATMs

ATMs are plentiful and usually don’t charge a commission.

Number 4: Cash/Card

Plenty of places accept card payments but some still prefer cash only.

Number 5: Food

Greek food is delicious. No doubt about it. Except whoever invented this Pringles flavour should go to jail immediately.

I recommend visiting local taverna for the most authentic experience. Corfu is relatively small so it’s hard to find an area without tourists.

Greek salad
Fried aubergine
I think these were fish balls

Number 6: Safety

Generally speaking Corfu seem like a very safe place. The only danger I can think off would be drunk tourists causing havoc.

Number 7: Hiking/ Walking

There are plenty of hikes and lovely walks especially in the Northern part. If there are markings they will usually be white and yellow and you can find them on trees, rocks or pavement.

One of the most annoying and surprising things for me was the lack of sidewalks and no street lights outside big towns.

Number 8: SIM card

If you are from EU then there is no roaming charges and you should be able to use your phone just like you would back home but please double check that with your provider to avoid costly roaming charges. If you are coming from outside EU then getting a local SIM card it’s always a good idea. You will have three providers to choose from: Vodafone, Cosma and Nova. Make sure your phone is unlocked and chose the package that will suit your needs.


Happy travels:)