Sunshine all year round:) Canary Islands Part 1.

Do you dream of the Carribean sea, cocktails, golden sand beaches, blue skies and crystal clear water but don’t fancy spending all day on the plane to get that?

I have a great news for you! You can find all that in just 4hr flight from uk and for the fraction of the price.

Canary Islands are volcanic isles located just off the coast of northwestern Africa. There are 8 islands in total, with the newest and smallest one being La Graciosa (just 29.05 square kilometres).

I feel like I should tell you upfront that I’m extremely biased when it comes to those islands. I simply love them!!

Love at first sight since 2014 and it is going strong:)

I visited 6 of them and would have a really hard time to pick my fav one, although I’ve been to Fuerteventura about 7 times by now:)


Second smallest (268.7 square kilometres) but don’t be put off. It still packs a punch when it comes to adventure and beauty.

There are two ways to travel to El Hierro: by plane from Tenerife North or by ferry from Tenerife South.

For comparison: the flight takes 40min whilst the ferry takes 2hr 30min more or less. When it comes to price it all depends on the day of the week you travel.

The airport is fairly small but not the smallest I’ve ever traveled to. There is a great information desk with a very helpful staff. You can pick up your bus time table, number to a local taxi and tips on what to see on the island.

Here is the link for a local public transport:

I also found the locals to be very kind and helpful even tho not many will speak English.

I took a taxi to the hotel because I would have to wait for the bus couple of hours and since I was only in El Hierro for a day and a half, every minute doubted. Could easily spent there at least a month just to take it all in:)

After my check in I ran to the bus station to get the bust to Frontera.

I’ve never been to New Zealand but I feel like this is a mini version of it:)

I also love how peaceful it was!

Because I was short on time I asked for recommendations at the information centre and they said I should visit La Maceta, the natural swimming pools.

It was December and it was super hot (26-28C) so a dip in the cold water sounded heavenly 🙂

The walk is about 4.7km front he Frontera bus station or 2.3km from the Ecomuseo de Guinea. It is a very pleasant walk I must say but again, I love walking:)

Unfortunately the ocean was a little bit too rough that day and I didn’t have the courage to swim:)

I met a local family, super friendly. The parents didn’t speak English but their son did a little and they helped me to get to the bus stop.

Valverde is a really pretty little town. I’m not sure if Christmas is usually the quiet season there because the island seemed pretty empty.

No complains there tbh:)

The next day I got up early since I wanted tot do a bit of hiking before my flight back to Tenerife.

So I headed towards Tinor, where you can find plenty of walking trails and two peaks: Ventejis and La Montana.

I loved how empty the roads were. It was mainly just me a rams. I think it was my first time actually meeting rams and well…it didn’t go well.

I actually had to find another route since the whole flock wouldn’t let me pass through.

Yes I know that whilst hiking one may get close to wild life, but I’m not used to being chased away by one lol

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that it made you cry?

El Hierro did it for me. I called my friend and simply started sobbing 😭

I mean how can I even try to describe the tranquility? The gorgeous views?

Also I find it hard to believe that the same Source that created this also created me… I mean come on…

The trails were pretty empty but I have crossed path with other hikers. Even tho La Montana stands 839m tall, and Ventejis 1139m the hike is pretty easy because Valverde is already elevated.

The view on a clear day is just spectacular. You can see La Gomera and Tenerife with Teide.

It’s like a perfection:)

Did I mention already that I would be more than happy to stay there for at least a month to take it all in? Such a gorgeous place.

Total proof that great things come on small packages:) well…sometimes anyway.

Are you planning to visit Canary Islands soon? Give this little island go!

Happy travelling!

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